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film Loving (2016) Full Movie subtitled in German

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Sinopsis :The story of Richard and Mildred Loving, an interracial couple, whose challenge of their anti-miscegenation arrest for their marriage in Virginia led to a legal battle that would end at the US Supreme Court. 
Cast: Ruth Negga, Joel Edgerton, Marton Csokas, Sharon Blackwood, Nick Kroll, Bill Camp, Alano Miller, David Jensen, Michael Shannon, Jon Bass, Scott Wichmann, Michael Abbott Jr., Christopher Mann, Benjamin Loeh, Bridget Gethins, Karen Vicks, Terri Abney, Mark Huber, Quinn McPherson, Smith Harrison, Brenan Young, James Matthew Poole, Chris Greene, Coley Campany, Sheri Lahris, Jordan Dickey, Coby Batty, Chris Condetti, Chris Condetti, Logan J. Woolfolk, Robert Haulbrook, Will Dalton, Andrene Ward-Hammond, Keith Tyree, Pryor Ferguson, James Nevins, Georgia Crawford, Tom Lancaster, D.L. Hopkins, Lonnie M Henderson, Lance Lemon, Brian Thomas Wise, Ken Holliday, Terry Menefee Gau, Marc Anthony Lowe, Micah Claiborne, Jevin Crochrell, W. Keith Scott, Jay SanGiovanni, Jennifer Joyner, Tyrell Ford, Devin Cleckley, James Atticus Abebayehu, Jim D. Johnston, Derick Newson, Winter-Lee Holland, Miles Hopkins, Kenneth William Clarke, Dalyn Cleckley, Robert Furner, Victoria Chavatel Jimison, Darrick Claiborne, Raymond H. Johnson 
Genre: Drama, Romance 
Production: Big Beach Films, Raindog Films 
Keyword: #biography #marriage #court #supreme court #interracial marriage #virginia #interracial couple #civils rights 

2. CHOOSE Loving (2016) Movie

'LOVING': Four and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

The new critically acclaimed historical drama, and Oscar hopeful, from writer/director Jeff Nichols; the man who also brought us 2016's 'MIDNIGHT SPECIAL', 2011's 'TAKE SHELTER' and 2012's 'MUD' (one of my favorite movies of that year). This film tells the true story of Richard and Mildred Loving, a couple that challenged interracial marriage laws in Virginia; a battle which continued all the way to the Supreme Court (in 1967). It stars Joel Edgerton, Ruth Negga, Nick Kroll, Marton Csokas, Jon Bass and Michael Shannon (Shannon appears in all of Nichols' movies, and he and Edgerton also co-starred in this year's 'MIDNIGHT SPECIAL'). The film has received rave reviews from critics, a standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival, and it will likely receive multiple Academy Award nominations (including Best Picture) next year. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Richard Loving (Edgerton) was a white construction worker, living in Caroline County, Virginia, that fell in love with a family friend, named Mildred (who also happened to be black). When Mildred became pregnant, the two decided to wed. Knowing that interracial marriage was illegal, in the state of Virginia, the two drove all the way to Washington D.C., to get married there instead (in 1958). When the local Sheriff (Csokas) learns of this, he raids the couple's home and has them both arrested. In order to have their prison time suspended, the two are forced to leave the state; and not return there together for at least 25-years. American Civil Liberties lawyer Bernard S. Cohen (Kroll) decides to help them overturn this ruling; seeing it early on as a potential ground breaking Supreme Court case. 

The movie is beautifully filmed, and acted; Ruth Negga is especially good as Mildred (and she should definitely get an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress). The film tells a very powerful, and extremely moving, true story; about a very important time in U.S. history, dealing with the never ending battle of equal rights for all. What's most impressive about the movie though, is how subtle and seemingly true to life it impressively all appears. The drama is never overdone, or cheesy, and I especially admire how much it doesn't seem like traditional Oscar bait. It's a really well made film!

Watch our movie review show 'MOVIE TALK' at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1M9osPwjfbM 
"Tell the judge I love my wife." Richard Loving (Joel Edgerton) 

That pretty much tells all you may know about Richard Loving, a husband in an interracial couple who reveals very little except that he is devoted to his black wife, Mildred (Ruth Negga). Loving is a marvel of minimalism, a socially realistic portrayal, in un-Hollywood understatement about the marriage that rocked the state of Virginia and struck down anti-miscegenation laws forever through decree of the Supreme Court.

As Virginia claims their marriage is "against the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth," the ACLU prepares to defend the couple all the way to the last resort. Remarkably, writer-director Jeff Nichols takes the high road by not exploiting the melodrama inherent in the real life situation, as Hollywood would see it, and offering the small beats of the couple's life.

Yes, there is no dramatic courtroom argumentation; only a message about the Supreme's decision is mentioned because the filmmaker is interested in portraying the small daily life of a couple definitely shy about publicity and focused on the welfare of their children. So insular and happy is the couple as for it to be questionable they could live so peacefully given the incendiary nature of their relationship in the South.

Be it Richard cementing cinder blocks or Mildred baking bread, the film never loses the sense of small lives that are caught up in history. Edgerton is convincing as the laborer of few words uncomfortable with the growing attention; Negga has an intensity of expression unmatched by most film actresses today.

The principals and the film deserve the Academy's attention this year just as the world attended to their characters' historical importance.

"We are all descendants of Adam, and we are all products of racial miscegenation." Lester B. Pearson 

Loving is a prestige film worth its prestige. 
In an interview with Gold Derby, director Jeff Nichols described Richard and Mildred Loving's interracial, law-defying marriage as "one of the greatest love stories in American history." Having since been educated on the couple's time together, I tend to agree. But Nichols' film doesn't live up to that prolific standard. In fact, "Loving" isn't even the best film in the budding director's filmography. 

This film tackles the true story of the Loving's and how they fought Virginia law back in the late 1950's. Interracial marriage was illegal at the time, so the two ran off to Washington D.C. to be wed, only to return to the open cuffs of the local government. They were then forced to leave the state and spent the next decade fighting the antiquated law, eventually landing their case in the lap of the Supreme Court. From there, you can probably guess how this story ends. 

Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga provide eloquent, near poetic renditions of Richard and Mildred and are by far the brightest gems to be found here, specifically Edgerton and his quietly furious portrayal of a simple country boy with his back against the wall. But these actors simply made the best of what they were given, and after seeing the film, it doesn't seem like they were given much. 

The ultimate problem with "Loving" is that it's just not meaty enough. Underwritten and simply too short, there's little context provided for much of what happens on screen. We pick up in the middle of the Loving's story, so we never get to see the pair meet, fall in love, and so on. This is a fine approach to take, provided the subjects are characterized as much as they would've been otherwise. But Nichols skips over much of the connective tissue that would allow us to understand why these two love each other as they do.

A big contributor to this is the fact that the Loving's don't share that much dialogue of consequence. There's plenty of small talk, but their quiet, intimate moments together are exactly that: quiet. They cuddle and they hug and they laugh, but they don't ever talk things out or openly discuss the problems they're facing, whether it's the monumental issue of the law or the smaller stresses at home, like raising three children. 

One could argue that the Loving's were just simple country folk so they wouldn't get into lengthy, meaningful discussions about such things, but even if that were the case in real life, this is a movie, and movie's need fleshed-out characters. As it stands in the final cut of the film, Richard and Mildred are much too stoic for us to really connect with their struggle. We're shown how, but we never get a chance to understand why.

Another problem "Loving" faces is the fact that it doesn't feature a single supporting character worth remembering, and that's not because the cast wasn't up to snuff, either. Martin Csokas as the hard and mean sheriff and Michael Shannon as the quirky photographer from Life Magazine are but two examples of the tools this film had at its disposal, but neither are given any substantial attention. Characters come and go without ever making a real impact and the ones that do stick around end up being the least interesting and most poorly portrayed. 

In saying that, I'm most pointedly referring to the lawyers that end up representing the Loving's, played by Nick Kroll and Jon Bass. Yes, you read that right; I said Nick Kroll plays a lawyer. That's the same Nick Kroll that plays "The Douche," a radio personality in "Parks and Recreation" who's known for his unbearable toilet humor. Now, I have nothing against Kroll or the raunchy, lowbrow comedy that made him famous. In fact, I think he's prone to being quite funny on occasion. But I do object to his casting as a dramatic character, let alone a lawyer, when he clearly isn't built for that sort of role. Kroll plays upstart lawyer Bernie Cohen with a rigid, thorough awkwardness, the sort that makes it hard to believe he was anything but a last minute resort. 

But I don't want to get hung up on bashing any one actor, nor do I mean to imply "Loving" is without worth, because that simply isn't true. As I mentioned above, Edgerton and Negga give excellent performances that wouldn't be out of place at the Academy Awards. And though his script is lacking, Nichols makes the most of the pieces he does assemble. As seen most richly in "Mud" (2012), Nichols certainly knows how to capture a location visually, and the Virginian landscapes, forestry and all, are very well represented here. Of course, there's also the fact that this is a story for the ages and one that needs telling, so even if it isn't told as thoroughly as it should be, it's still quite engrossing. 

"Loving" is probably going to get a considerable amount of attention at the Oscars, and aside from its lead actors, most of it will be unwarranted. But this is still a good film, one worth watching, as the story of Richard and Mildred Loving is well worth telling. But Jeff Nichols is capable of much more as he's proved before, even earlier this year with his excellent genre piece "Midnight Special." I look forward to his next project with the hope that he takes on something a little more his speed. 

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