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streamnow La La Land (2016) Pelicula Completa Subtitulada en Espanol

Release : 2016-12-01 Runtime : 128 min. Genre : Romance, Comedy, Drama, Music Production : Marc Platt Productions, Gilbert Films, Black Label Media, Impostor Pictures Cast : Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, John Legend, Rosemarie DeWitt, J.K. Simmons, Finn Wittrock, Tom Everett Scott, Damon Gupton, Jason Fuchs, Jessica Rothe, Sonoya Mizuno, Callie Hernandez, Josh Pence, Hemky Madera, Zoë Hall, Dempsey Pappion, Nicole Coulon, Sandra Rosko, Candice Coke, Trevor Lissauer, Kiff VandenHeuvel, Courtney Hart, Andres Perez-Molina, Anna Lunberry, Phillip E. Walker, Terry Walters, Milica Govich , Cinda Adams, Meagen Fay, Anna Chazelle, Claudine Claudio, Olivia Hamilton, Ashley Caple, Cameron Brinkman, Miles Anderson, Morgan Larson, David Douglas, Ana Flavia Gavlak, Kaye L. Morris, Nilla Elizabeth Watkins, Holly Houk, Kristin Slaysman, Caroline Jaden Stussi, Cindera Che, Jordan Ray Fox, Margaret Newborn, Nadia Tumanova, Crystal Nichol, Kc Monnie, D.A. Wallach, Kristin Elliott, Andrea Lareo, Christopher Aber, Shannon Leann, Jenna Curtis, Noah James, Tommy Cooley, Damian Gomez, Anthony Marciona, Corrin Evans, Jeremy Nathan Tisser, Chris Moss, Amiée Conn, Patty Tobin, Heather Turman, Susie Ganiere, Ottavio Taddei, Morgan Cohen, April Martucci, Nicole Wolf, Trent Kerpsack, Lynn Moore, Vince Donvito, Steffen Dziczek, Melvin LaThomas Brimm, Kelly Kennedy, Jesse Houk, Clarence Robinson, Dapo Torimiro, Bobo Chang, Destinee Handly, Frederick Keeve, Tommy Otis, Robert Haynes, Amanda Fields Crew : Damien Chazelle, Damien Chazelle, Fred Berger, Jordan Horowitz, Tom Cross, Deborah Aquila, Kevin Becker, Craig Dollinger, Steven Morrow, Robert Foulkes, Owen Patry, Marc Platt, Michael Beugg, Jeffrey Harlacker, Mike Jackson, John Legend, Ty Stiklorius, Tricia Wood, David Wasco, Austin Gorg, Sandy Reynolds-Wasco, Mary Zophres, Fríða Aradóttir, Jed Dornoff, Albert Elizondo, Yukiko Kinkel, Barbara Lorenz, Aubrey Marie, Jacklin Masteran, Medusah, Lali Peer, Haruyo Sawada, Steven R. Soussanna, Torsten Witte, Jeffrey Harlacker, Bart Lipton, Christopher Branan, Paula Case, Gregory Paul Austin, Peter Kohn, David Agajanian, Eddie Acuña, Matthew Cavaliero, Tina Charad, Chad R. Davis, Chris Forster, Jennie Harris, Wes Hottman, Attila Kiss, David Ladish, Steven Ladish, Steven Light-Orr, Geoffrey Mandel, Rick McLean, Edward J. Protiva, Eric Reichardt, Kim Richey, John Youngblood, Daniel Hyun Lim, James Ashwill, Blake Collins, John T. Cucci, Luis Galdames, Lee Gilmore, Mildred Iatrou, Michael Kaleta, Tom Lalley, Ai-Ling Lee, Ai-Ling Lee, Andy Nelson, Dan O'Connell, Jeremy Hays, Fiifi Aggrey, Patrick Clancey, Steve Dinozzi, Blake Goedde, Bryan Haines, Chris LeDoux, Tim LeDoux, Adam Pere, Jason Sanford, Nicolas Bosc, Cornell Brandon, David Castillo, Thomas Conrad, Olivia Courtney, Danny Downey, Jimmy Hart, Mark Kubr, Ed McDermott II, Allan Padelford, Brett Praed, Cameron Revier, Eric R Salas, Josh Yadon, Kent Baker, Jose F. Barrios, James Frank Brown, Anthony Cady, Christopher Ferguson, Dustin Evans, Steven Frohardt, Brad M. Hazen, Ari Robbins, Dale Robinette, David Schmalz, Davon Slininger, Michael Anthony Travers, Renee Treyball, Troy N. Wade, Chris Weigand, Rachel Wiederhoeft, Mark Avery, Lynda Foote, Sarah Scheussler, Laura Wolford, Thomas Kuo, Ken Lebre, Natasha Leonnet, Kimi Rosenthal, Ray Ruotolo, Josh Stein, John To, Matt Wallach, Celeste Chada, Tim Davies, Marius De Vries, Steven Gizicki, Mark Graham, Justin Hurwitz, Liz Kinnon, Justin Moshkevich, Fred Oliveira, Moore Brian, Michael Connor, Geno Hart, Marty Osborne, John F. Teeple, Gary Thomas Williams, Malcolm Arias, Steve Beimler, Demian Boergadine, Lauren Coggiola, Ami Cohen, Richard Lee Dalton, Anna J. DeMildt, Jessi Eichberger, Sommer Fehmel, Stephanie M. Flores, Robert Foulkes, Michael A. Fry, Hadeel Hadidi, Ossey James, Sherry Kecskes, Eloy Lara, Laurent Marchand, Lyn Matsuda Norton, Collin McShane, Robert M. Melnik, Curtis A. Miller, Mandy Moore, Carly Olsson, Carl Pedregal, Carrie Prince, Timothy Scott Ralston, Michael Riley, Ross Risley, Theresa Snider, Scott Trimble, Danny Valle, Kerri Smeltzer, Jacob Whitley, Whitney J. Willard, Tyler John Young, Kate Gray, Linus Sandgren, Justin Hurwitz, Jo Kissack Vote Average: 8.1 Count: 460 Overview : Mia, an aspiring actress, serves lattes to movie stars in between auditions and Sebastian, a jazz musician, scrapes by playing cocktail party gigs in dingy bars, but as success mounts they are faced with decisions that begin to fray the fragile fabric of their love affair, and the dreams they worked so hard to maintain in each other threaten to rip them apart. Keyword : passion, musical, romance, comedy

DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/2hkZWLz
WATCH: http://tinyurl.com/gr2s437

"La La Land" is a dazzling cinematic explosion made up of life, love, and music. It's a magical musical ride through an unforgettable romance that is original and brilliant. After directing "Whiplash" and now this, it is obvious that director Damien Chazelle will live on to become one of the greats. As a matter of fact, this might be even better than "Whiplash" and it seems like it will certainly become a cinematic classic over time.

Although the film drips with a sense of homage, it still does not contain an ounce of cliché, which is a real relief! Reading the synopsis, it may seem like an average love story, but it manages to be unpredictable. The depiction of the conflicts that arise during a relationship is reminiscent to Jean Vigo's masterful classic "L'Atalante", and this film deserves to be compared to such masterpieces, because it IS a masterpiece! It is not only a masterpiece of cinema, but also of entertainment, music, humor, and drama. It is an experience that will likely be appreciated by all-everyone from high brow critics to young girls.
I built up a high level of anticipation in seeing this film. I enjoy both Ryan G and Emma S as actors and like music. The high ratings on IMDb also added to the anticipation. I found myself quite engrossed in the story and where it was going. It was filled with the day to day ups and downs of life and the beauty of aspiring to dreams and love. I play the piano and enjoy Jazz and dancing so appreciated the melodic intertwining of the music through the story line. Both main actors did a good job with the dancing and singing given they are not professionals in these areas. As much as I enjoyed the film, I found myself a bit flat at the end as I didn't interpret the ending as a joyous one unlike other reviewers that said it was inspiring and a feel good ending. This was not the case for me. I felt the ending could have been done much better and there was too much of a gap in the story that was covered in the last 15 or so mins. I enjoyed the singing, dancing, story and overall cinematography, the movie had a great realistic emotional romantic feel to it. Just felt a bit let down at the end though.
La La Land is simply one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen. Coming from someone whose favorite movie of all time is Black Swan, I tend to like darker movies, but this more romantic movie blew most movies I've seen in my lifetime out of the water. At the surface, it's a simple boy-meets-girl love story, but the real magic lies in the artistic direction. I came into this movie expecting a lot due to Chazelle's previous work of art, Whiplash, and I left the theater absolutely satisfied. The way the visual effects, music, and dance play out in this movie make it the masterpiece that it truly is. Emma Stone is the perfect amount of quirky for the lead female role, while Ryan Gosling is the perfect amount of dapper for the lead male role. The two have GREAT chemistry on-screen. The transition from musical moments to serious ones to comedic ones is seamless. PLEASE go see this masterpiece. It is SO worth your money.
This film happens to be the third collaboration of Emma stone and Ryan gosling who plays lovers yet again after doing so twice before in crazy stupid love and gangster squad. Emma plays Mia an up and coming actress who is hoping to catch her lucky break with acting after various auditions have gone bust. Ryan plays Sebastian a pianist who plans to open up his own jazz club. I will say while I am not a big fan of musical features since they tend to be more about singing and dancing than actual story and dialogue but it has a perfect blend of that. I would say that the overall story is despite the obstacle on ones path is to always continue your dreams and to never give up.
Oh yeah, the backlash is going to be huge with this one. Especially when it's up against more "important" films like Moonlight and Manchester by the Sea. I definitely had problems with the film. I found its main themes and conflicts to be quite unoriginal. I also thought the screenplay at times didn't know where to go and was only really at its strength when it was building moments and scenarios for the songs. In that respect the film isn't unlike Whiplash, which also had a screenplay that was its biggest weakness. Unlike that film though, I think the screenplay is definitely more than adequate enough for building this world around the characters. I can imagine many people taking heat for preferring this film over many of the other Oscar contenders. I can see criticisms of it being too "basic" and too "simple". On a pure filmmaking level, the film is gorgeous and so brilliantly-made, but I also think the two leads do a great job of building that emotional connection. Is the film complex? Not particularly, and that's going to be part of the backlash. Does it need to be? Not really, no. Only because it isn't complex doesn't mean that it's not a film worthy of praise for everything it accomplishes. I think it's easy to look past how utterly charming and magical it honestly is. I definitely had problems with it throughout but it wasn't until the last several minutes where all of my problems sort of dissipated, concluding in the final minute that made me more emotional than all other films I've seen this year aside from Moonlight's final scenes. It was at this moment where I realized how much I enjoyed it and how much of a connection I formed with the characters. I feel because of this, because it's not about particularly thought-provoking or cerebral themes and because it basically succeeds or fails on one's own personal experience watching it (all films do, but many of them don't highlight the personal subjectivity as much as this one) it's going to receive a lot of backlash. But what the film did make me appreciate and realize more is that we shouldn't take the little moments, specific moments in our everyday lives, for granted. No other film this year has taught me to become more mindful of the moment and to enjoy the present. In that respect, it's escapism at its most effective. For that the film should be celebrated and for that I deeply admire what it did. Is it my favorite film of the year? No. Will I be as enamored with it in the future? Perhaps not as much as now. But what an experience it surely was. But now having said all of that, do I think it's a particularly "great" film? Not really sure.

To now more specifically talk about the performances... Emma Stone is just an incredibly charismatic and charming actress. It's not a very dramatic role, but it doesn't need to be. I definitely do have a hard time seeing her win the Oscar though. Ryan Gosling is good and also has some of the same charm, but he suffers here from what I believe he has suffered in many of his films the last few years. He has a certain "too cool for school" persona that gets infused into all of his performances. It works for certain roles (like Drive) but I honestly can't help but feel what another actor could have brought to the table. I think he's at his best playing alongside Stone, but his individual performance? Not really sure it should be up for any award nominations personally.

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