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Nine Lives (2016) On'Line.HD

Release :2016-08-03Runtime :87 min.Genre :Fantasy, Comedy, FamilyProduction :EuropaCorp, Fundamental FilmsCast :Kevin Spacey, Christopher Walken, Malina Weissman, Robbie Amell, Jennifer Garner, Teddy Sears, Mark Consuelos, Talitha Bateman, Jay Patterson, Cheryl Hines, Jewelle Blackman, Nathaly Thibault, Serge Houde, Ellen David, Serge Martineau, Barry Sonnenfeld, Chloe Sonnenfeld, Tristan D. Lalla, Meghan Gabruch, Brad Aldou, Peter Andrianopoulos, Julianne Jain, Galia Oliel-Sabbag, Brian Degrace, Maythaila Jerome Antoine, Sanda Bourenane, Sam Chamas, Lil Bub, Brad Aldous, Satine Scarlett MontazCrew :Matt Allen, Barry Sonnenfeld, Daniel Antoniazzi, Ben Shiffrin, Luc Besson, Christophe (II) Lambert, Ronna Kress, Thomas Luccioni, Hannah d'Angerio, Gwyn Lurie, Caleb Wilson, Evgueni Galperine, Sacha Galperine, Don Zimmerman, Karl Walter LindenlaubVote Average:5.7 Count: 106Overview :A stuffy businessman finds himself trapped inside the body of his family's cat.Keyword :catbody-swapturns into animalsky scraperbox office flopbody transformationbody switching

DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/2jvcqxR
WATCH: http://tinyurl.com/j9ttln5

Ignore the critics on this one. The professional reviewers sound like Yelpers. Yeah, the "parent too busy for this kid" trope is here, but so what? Want to complain about a RomCom where boy meets girl too? BTW., ever wonder why it's so common?

This is a fun movie. Yes, it's targeted at a young demographic. Yet I'm pushing 60 and I liked it. I heard the kids in the audience enjoying it too.

There are even cameows by famous internet cats as you can see in the credits.

If you don't like cats though you may not like the movie. It is what it says on the box. 
This was one of the better children's movies I have had the pleasure of seeing recently. It's good to see Kevin Spacey in a light-hearted children's movie and it worked. This movie was enchanting, it kept giving me mini smiles one after another as I wondered why is this being rated so low by critics.

The special effects looked fair to good, the plot if not a little over used was good and the acting was good, in fact, I'll probably watch it again, this time with my daughter.

This movie is definitely for cat lovers, children with pets, and adults who just need a light-hearted escapism 
Some films make you speechless in a good way. Not so with Nine Lives, my brain is working on full power trying to churn out words to describe its total lack of quality!

Firstly, the star. Spacey has always done that relaxed, deadpan character very well. This time though he just looked bored and lazy. He probably read each of his cat lines in the studio once and thought "that'll do", walking away with a fat wad of cash. In fact every actor was outperformed by Weissman, whose enthusiasm and honesty made her the only thing worth watching.

It's interesting that the first names on the end credits are the cat trainers, who do deserve praise more than anyone else in the film. However, when the real cat is replaced by the painfully bad CG one, all the good vibes quickly diminish, even with Walken around recycling his character from Click. The script is so poor, the first twenty minutes will easily bore the kids with business conversations, stocks and shares, and the rest of the movie feels like it could have been penned by a kid.

I expect more from the Men In Black director, but even Sonnenfeld couldn't salvage the witless and barren script. With five writing credits, there's really no excuse for making something so dreary and plot-less, with such forced sentimentality at the end it's practically smashed over your head. Let's be happy for the guy who only wants a 2000 foot monument to himself! No.

When I took the movie to watch it at home, I was not expecting much from it. I did it with a single reason - I like cats... Smile However, it turned out very well made family movie. It had everything needed for genre.

Although the story is not serious enough for an adult. But who cares, we all want to relax sometimes and feel like children without unnecessary drama, just a good portion of laughter and a crazy cat that tries to convince them that he is a human.

Of course, everyone sees only mewing and scratching and accept it as just another crazy cat Smile 
you will have fun watching the movie ... It's one of the happiest and cutest movie of this type ... The funniest part is actions of the cat ! 

Nothing much writing about this movie, Simple slice of life type movie with a big fantasy ( that's the catch ) ... And always loved the acting of Kevin Spacey. But here his voice acting is in action... and yes, "Christopher Walken" just the character he does the best... And also I wanna know the cat models real name . So adorable Have fun watching it...

I don't know why the review is low here, but its one the funniest movie I watched after long time .. a very serious matter changing a selfish man into a wise man. showing it in a very funny way ...

have fun watching it ... 

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