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Release :2016-12-21Runtime :104 min.Genre :Science Fiction, Family, Action, Animation, ComedyProduction :Paramount Pictures, Disruption Entertainment, Paramount AnimationCast :Jane Levy, Lucas Till, Frank Whaley, Danny Glover, Amy Ryan, Holt McCallany, Rob Lowe, Thomas Lennon, Thomas Lennon, Barry Pepper, Aliyah O'BrienCrew :Jonathan Aibel, Glenn Berger, Chris Wedge, Emilio Ghorayeb, Phil Langone, James ForresterVote Average:4.8 Count: 5Overview :Looking for any way to get away from the life and town he was born into, Tripp (Lucas Till), a high school senior, builds a Monster Truck from bits and pieces of scrapped cars. After an accident at a nearby oil-drilling site displaces a strange and subterranean creature with a taste and a talent for speed, Tripp may have just found the key to getting out of town and a most unlikely friend.Keyword :live action and animationmonster trucks

Teenage scrapheap worker Tripp one day discovers a mysterious creature hiding in his truck. Turns out it escaped from an oil well that drilled too deep, and now the hired professionals of Terravex want to capture the non-threatening creature and keep their unlawful drilling a secret.

Having seen the trailers several times, I was expecting the worst. Like Transformers but lower budget and quality. To be fair, it probably is, except it's much more fun than Transformers, taking itself far from seriously. Of course the animation looks fairly cheap and shiny but something about it feels incredibly light-hearted and enjoyable. Chris Wedge is obviously better suited to animated movies, and maybe Monster Trucks should have been one, but at least the tone was right, even if the story was pretty simple and formulaic.

The characters, one the other hand, are far less interesting. Lucas Till seems to have taken his hair from the '80s, his chin from the '60s and charisma from Keanu Reeves, hamming it up at any opportunity. Levy is fine, but never really has much to do, but veterans like Lowe, Pepper and Glover need talking to. The main problem is that it doesn't really feel like a proper cinematic movie, it's just a bit of nonsense fun that should be on a kids TV channel at some point.

Simple, familiar story and dull characters, Monster Trucks isn't one you should race to see. That said, it's light and fun enough to pass the time, and most under 10s will enjoy it.

I took my youngest child, six years old (nearly seven), to see this yesterday. He bounced around like Tigger the whole way through, and only paused to turn around once in a while to tell me "This is the best movie ever!" This coming from a boy who loves everything from Harry Potter, Star Wars, Top Gear (and Grand Tour), to Tractor Ted and Octonauts.

As an adult, it was a perfectly acceptable way to spend a couple of hours enjoying the company of my child. There's not a lot to the story, so if you've seen the trailer you won't be surprised. The monsters straddle the line well between being "monstrous" and cute (my boy acted suitably scared until it became clear that the monsters were on the good side, after which he loved them).

He came out of the cinema asking when it would be available on DVD, so on balance a glowing recommendation from a 6 year old and a warm fuzzy one from me. 
Absolutely awful, the pacing, the acting, the effects, the story, the character, the editing, the writing. Out of any film i have ever seen, this was the absolute worse thing i've ever seen in a cinema. it feels like a kid friendly sy-fy channel movie like sharknado but with morals like: friends are good, oil drilling is bad, blowing stuff up is awesome. This has already been written as a 115 million tax write off and that just shows not even the studio had faith in this atrocity. The film is pure and simply: trash. and i absolutely loved it. its literally kid friendly sharktopus, don't take your kids to see it, see it on your own with a big bucket of popcorn, vodka, and as many friends as you can gather for the best bad movie of all time 
"Monster Trucks" is one of those movies where you may not start out having much expectation about it but boy it proves you wrong. It's just a good old fashioned super fun action adventure that the entire family can enjoy. The concept may be a bit quirky, I admit, but if the kids laugh and they smile and their parents giggle, I think it's fair to say that "Monster Trucks" does exactly what it's supposed to do.

Directed by the guy who gave us "Ice Age," "Robots," and "Epic," "Monster Trucks" is about a high school senior named Tripp (Lucas Till) who builds his own truck from bits and pieces of scrapped cars. A nearby oil-drilling site's accident causes subterranean creatures to surface, two get caught by the greedy corporation while one escapes to the junkyard where Tripp works. Tripp encounters the new friend, names him Creech and turns out, Creech has the need for speed.

I think "Monster Trucks" is the most exciting and hilarious feel-good family movie since Disney's "Alexander And The Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day," a few years ago. In fact I think those two are quite alike in a lot of ways. Sure "Alexander" didn't have the melding cutting edge VFX and state of the art CGI that "Monster Trucks" has but in terms of the humor and tone, both movies aim to entertain and bring up good topics for the younger viewers.

Granted, it always cracks me up whenever I see people in their late 20s playing high-schoolers, such is the case with Lucas Till and Jane Levy with their respective characters, but that's not anything new in this business, and the actual star here is really the creature Creech who drinks oil and loves to ride fast. The car chases are also surprisingly inventive for a family movie, they're no "French Connection" or "Ronin" obviously but they certainly capitalize on Creech's abilities to make Tripp's truck do the impossible. The movie even frequently plays with heights which gives you that roller coaster thrill. All in all, "Monster Trucks" is an excellent way to start this new year for your family at the movies.

-- Rama's Screen -- 
Watched Monster trucks today with my five year old son and we both loved it. He was pretty much glued to the screen the entire time and he got a bit teary at the end! The film centres on a lad who spends all his spare time building a truck at a junkyard he helps out around, three undiscovered squid like creatures escape from a nearby oil drilling project. One of these finds his way into the truck and ends up powering it and of course the usual bad guys want it back story line evolves. Nothing new in terms of originality or plot, in fact it had so many plot holes it was ridiculous but it's a kids film. Actors did a good job and the monsters were likable. Quite a lot of action and humour too, it's never dull. Definitely a boys/male film I think in my opinion. a kind of a cross between "the legend of the waterhorse", "ET" and "Herbie" Recommended. 

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