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download Moonlight (2016) Full movie subtitled in Portuguese

DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/2iK0uJr
WATCH: http://tinyurl.com/zxrvaf2

Release :2016-09-10Runtime :110 min.Genre :DramaProduction :Plan B Entertainment, Upload Films, A24, PastelCast :Trevante Rhodes, André Holland, Janelle Monae, Ashton Sanders, Jharrel Jerome, Naomie Harris, Mahershala Ali, Alex Hibbert, Jaden Piner, Patrick Decile, Edson Jean, Shariff Earp, Duan Sanderson, Rudi Goblen, Herveline Moncion, Fransley Hyppolite, Larry Anderson, Tanisha Cidel, Stephon Bron, Don SewardCrew :Barry Jenkins, Adele Romanski, Tarell McCraney, Barry Jenkins, Nicholas Britell, James Laxton, Joi McMillon, Nat Sanders, Yesi Ramirez, Hannah Beachler, Mabel Barba, Caroline Eselin Shaefer, Doniella Davy, Jennifer RadzikowskiVote Average:8.3 Count: 55Overview :The tender, heartbreaking story of a young man’s struggle to find himself, told across three defining chapters in his life as he experiences the ecstasy, pain, and beauty of falling in love, while grappling with his own sexuality.Keyword :gaydrug addictioncoming of ageafrican americangay african americangay youth

Films are interesting when you can tell a story that stays with you. Writer/Director Barry Jenkins its it home with "Moonlight," an intimate indie film that reaches the grounds of quality filmmaking and powerful storytelling. Perhaps the darkest coming of age film in years, "Moonlight" follows Chiron, a person from a rough upbringing in the streets of Miami. We follow three stages of his life, one as a child, the second as a teenager, and the third as a grown man. Through various hardships and relationships with others, we see a character so real and so engaging. Following the life of this man is an emotional journey, his life accompanied with fantastic cinematography and editing. Jenkins crafts a film so intimate and in your face that the film sticks with you. We have a powerful story that is portrayed so beautifully and artistically, a rare gift in cinema. "Moonlight" is without question a work of art, a classic American film that everyone deserves to see. 
Director Barry Jenkins is one that I've never really heard of, but here I've just checked out his latest the character study film called "Moonlight", and I was pretty well pleased. It shows and proves that many people develop from their past experiences and they are indeed products of their environment. As with people and life it's simply a passage a journey of time and discovery.

"Moonlight" is broken into three different chapters as it looks at the life of Chiron a young black boy from a little boy growing up all the way up to an adult. I'm sure all of us remember someone growing up from our past that was picked on or bullied as a kid or who grew up with a single parent the way that Chiron did.

Chiron's a little black boy who's growing up in the rough slum projects of the Miami, Florida streets and he's doomed from the start by having a crack addicted mom and he's never known his father. In fact Chiron's only direction is that from the local street drug dealer named Juan(Mahershala Ali).

Plus Chiron is shy and timid he has a stutter problem and he's bullied and picked on at school he's beat up on quite often. As Chiron grows more self discovery and identity is formed especially sexually as Chiron discovers he's gay.

More touching is how we see Chiron as a grown man in the end as the final scenes take him back to it all with memories and thoughts of how he was shaped and molded as an adult. Overall well done film of character development and it shows how people are products of their environment and the people that surround them have influence over them just like in Chiron's case. 
The first thing that really strikes you about Moonlight is it's all so painfully personal. Perhaps it's the way our earthy, understated and un-glamorous characters are portrayed. Perhaps it's the work of director Barry Jenkins who thrusts us into the story with expressionistic tones and flourishes. Perhaps it's the way our protagonist's near catatonic state forces us to truly drink in his surroundings. I cannot attest if those who have never been to southern Florida will feel the same way, but for me I could actually smell the lightly perfumed ocean breeze and actually felt the sticky humidity that permeated every frame of this film. I felt it all.

Moonlight is equally divided into three distinct episodes though given it's intimacy they might as well be called movements. The first, entitled "Little" concerns the tortured existence of a 9- year-old boy (Hibbert) living in a rough neighborhood in Miami, Florida. He's bullied by his peers and emotionally abused by his mother Paula (Harris) who throughout the film slowly sinks into ruin with the help of crack cocaine. It is at this point in his life Little is introduced to Liberty City's preeminent drug dealer Juan (Ali) whom he first asks a defining question, "am I a f****t?"

"At some point you've got to decide for yourself who you gonna be. And let nobody make that decision." - Juan's words sit in the air throughout each movement like a cloud of mosquitoes over dense swamp. As time wears on Little becomes the invisible Chiron (Sanders) then the hard, drug-dealing Black (Rhodes), whose identity and sexual orientation is constantly being defined by the world around him. He speaks very little, choosing instead to silently judge as his mother morphs into a junkie and quietly rages as bullies abuse him. Eventually, after years of turmoil and paths taken in anger, Black finds his defining moments, pursuing and being pursued by schoolmate Kevin (Piner, Jerome and Holland).

There is so much to love about Moonlight including the way in which Barry Jenkins lovingly approaches both his themes and his subjects. Through effective use of color and the ever present sheen of the easterly sun and moon, the film glistens with entrancing beauty. There are echos of Terrence Malick and Lynne Ramsay in Moonlight with every extreme closeup a provocation to feel and absorb.

Each of our three actors does a tremendous job playing our protagonist with the same raw grace that defines and serves the visual mis en scene of the film. In-between each movement there is a sense that time has past. Things have happened but it is on the audience to infer what, through what is said, and more importantly by what is not. Moments of deep contemplation are not just airless voids but rather miniature mysteries all struggling to answer the central question; who is Chiron?

It is at this point the narrative stumbles slightly under the weight of its own socio-economic and political messaging. There are times when Chiron, with his 30-yard stare and ramshackle poverty, is impressed upon to be an empty vessel. The assumed hope is so his tale can be more superficially ubiquitous to the black, gay experience which by this point has only been calcified in film by Pariah (2011). But while Moonlight's larger social themes are enough to label it required viewing, one can't help but think its gambit for universality is a lost opportunity to make the film truly life- changing.

Still for every edge to appeal to all, there are half a dozen parts to the story that are glowingly and lovingly singular. Late in the film there is a reunion between Chiron and Kevin whose slow emotional simmer resembles a delicate dance laden with machismo and sweetness. Additionally the customs, attitudes and unique verbal drawl are enough to settle the film's audience into a certain place in time.

Moonlight is ultimately a sad but life-affirming film that's not only an important watch but a darn good one. There is a paralyzing, fascinating, beautiful truth to this film. One in which every audience member regardless of race or sexual orientation can walk out of the theater aware of. 
Moonlight is not the best movie I've ever seen. Might not even make my top 10. But it is one of the best-acted movies I've ever seen because it is multi-layered and realistic. The story revolves around a young man named Chiron, who has a tough upbringing while dealing with bullies at school, a drug-addicted mother and also struggles with his sexuality. The story is told in three parts, and I really enjoyed the first part, which features Mahershala Ali, who is quickly becoming one of the most popular actors working today. Ali plays a drug dealer who befriends the young Chiron. The other parts are also interesting as Chiron grows up and evolves into a man who is still scarred by his upbringing. A diner scene in the third act is one of the best in the movie as the characters share a reunion that is joyous, yet awkward. The actors pull it off deftly, with most of the communication reflected simply with the eyes. I did have a few issues with the movie. I thought Naomie Harris was miscast as the drug-addicted mother. Her acting was OK, but Harris is British, and I can tell she struggled getting the black American dialect down pat. Why not an American actress? Also there is a "Brokeback Mountain" type of scene that was difficult to watch. At least 3 people in my theater walked out. It was even more disturbing because the actors are teens. However, kudos to the producers and director for taking a topic that has been done over and over (growing up in the inner city) and getting A-rated performances from mostly unknown actors. 
Moonlight is going to be Best Picture of 2016 and Best Sound and Best Score and Best Cinematography and several Best Actor and several Best Supporting Actor and Best Screenplay and Best Director-- what am I leaving out? It is a movie filled with HEART-- as perfect as a movie can be. It's a movie to watch six times and discover ever more depths than the last viewing.

As Best Picture, the Academy will make up for repeated slights dealt over and over again against two communities.

Everyone knows that Brokeback Mountain was and is far superior to Crash (who even remembers it?), but the implicit bias against LGBTQs disqualified it.

The Academy has shown its implicit bias against Blacks so many times I've lost count.

The Academy can embrace two birds with one Best Picture statuette. And the more Oscars the better. They are all well-deserved.

Moonlight. Overcome your own implicit biases and see it, my cinema friends! You'll be better people for it. And we'll arc toward a better, more inclusive, society.

(Plus it'll make the racist/homophobic Trump-Pence administration choke.) 

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