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Sinopsis :Acclaimed writer and historian Deborah E. Lipstadt must battle for historical truth to prove the Holocaust actually occurred when David Irving, a renowned denier, sues her for libel.
Cast: Rachel Weisz, Andrew Scott, Timothy Spall, Tom Wilkinson, Mark Gatiss, Harriet Walter, Jack Lowden, Alex Jennings, Caren Pistorius, Andrea Deck, Maximilian Befort, Will Attenborough, Todd Boyce, Sean Power, Bern Collaco
Genre: Drama, History
Production:BBC Films, Participant Media, Entertainment, Krasnoff Foster Productions, Shoebox Films
Keyword :based on novelholocaustcourt casebiographybased on true story

2. CHOOSE Denial (2016) Movie

if you like talkie courtroom dramas this is for you. It deals with important issues but so much is said and so little is shown this book adaptation might have worked better as a play.

The male performances are excellent and there might be award consideration for the male leads. Rachael Weisz is capable of better. There is a forced American accent that is more annoying then authentic. Her lawyers asked her not to speak in court, that was the only place she didn't talk. 

The score is forgettable and adds nothing to the movie. The crowd scenes outside the courthouse seemed staged. 

The movie is in limited release and does not need the big screen. It will play well on home platforms and seem like a very good made for TV movie. 
Historical and legal landmark value: 5 stars; Movie's entertainment value: 3 stars "Denial" (2016 release from the UK; 110 min.) is the story, "based on true events" we are reminded at the start of the movie, of how British Holocaust denier David Irving sues American author Deborah Lipstadt for libel after she publishes a book called "Denying the Holocaust". As the movie opens, we see Lipstadt delivering a lecture at Atlanta's Emory University in 1994, shortly after her book comes out. Irving sneak into the audience and interrupts her presentation. Next we are in "London, 1996", where Irving brings his claim against Lipstadt and her publisher Penguin Books that Lipstadt's book has ruined his reputation. Lipstadt and her legal team now must come up with a strategy for the pending court case. At this point we are 15 min. into the movie, but to tell you more of the events would spoil your viewing expertise, you'll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

Couple of comments: I was surprised to see that this movie was directed by none other than British director Mick Jackson, probably best known for the Whitney Houston-Kevin Costner movie "The Bodyguard" from the early 90s. Here he tackles an important historical (and landmark legal) event, namely how a racist liar turns the tables by filing a libel suit again a Jewish author in a British court. Indeed, as crazy as it sounds, under UK libel law, it is not the accuser who has the burden of proof, but somehow it is the accused. It would seem that this should provide fertile ground for a riveting historical and court drama, but alas, you might be wrong. For whatever reason, the movie from the get-go just feels wooden and oftentimes just boring. In particular the first half of the movie is just not that good, the sole exception being the scenes from when the legal team, accompanied by Lipstadt, decides to make a visit to Auschwitz, not as a pilgrimage, reminds the lead lawyer, but to study it as a crime scene. (I visited Auschwitz a few years ago, this is not a "fun' visit for obvious reasons, but it should be a requirement for all high school kids in Europe for its historical significance and lasting legacy.) The second half of the movie, which centers around the actual court case, is a little better, mostly because of the wonderful performance of Tom Wilkinson as the lead lawyer in the court room. Strangely, Lipstadt, the movie's lead character played by Rachel Weisz, is unlikeable for parts of the movie, and at times outright irritating. Does that make it a great performance by Weisz? I honestly can't tell you. I am a huge fan of her, and can't recall a single movie where I enjoyed her less than I did here. Let me also mention the sober, and touching, orchestral score in the movie, courtesy of veteran composer Howard Shore.

"Denial" opened this past weekend on a handful of screens here in Cincinnati (including not one, but two screens at our local art-house theater). The Tuesday evening screening where I was this at was attended poorly (only one other person beside myself). To be frank, I am torn about this film. It is an important topic but sadly the movie is only so-so. There are many other movies out there dealing with the Holocaust that are so much better than "Denial" (check, for example, the Hungarian film "Son of Saul" which just earlier this year won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film and which is a harrowing and haunting film that everyone should see). 
There is so much denying of atrocities that this is an interesting subject to see on screen from the Middle East to Nanjing. In this well made movie a British holocaust denier David Irving sued an American Jewish Historian Deborah Lipstadt for calling him that.

The best parts of this movie are the trip to Auschwitz to investigate and the trial in London.

The worst parts of this movie are the times when Deborah acts stubborn and uncooperative with her legal team. Even though she apologizes it makes her seem unsympathetic. Also the big team against one loon makes the battle seem a foregone conclusion. The climax isn't exciting in the sense that the outcome was so certain, what court would rule for a holocaust denier? It seems a bit of an anti climax.

The acting is good. Rachel Weisz isn't the best for this role. Her accent and manner just don't ring American. There could have been so many more convincing actresses to play the role. Tom Wilkison is good as Deborah's barrister. So is Tim Spall who plays David Irving with a hateful look on his face.

Worth a watch 

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