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to download ~ Allied (2016) [HD] (3D) regarder en francais English Subtitles

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Sinopsis :In 1942, an intelligence officer in North Africa encounters a female French Resistance fighter on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. When they reunite in London, their relationship is tested by the pressures of war.
Cast: Brad Pitt, Marion Cotillard, Jared Harris, Simon McBurney, Lizzy Caplan, Matthew Goode, Anton Lesser, August Diehl, Camille Cottin, Charlotte Hope, Marion Bailey, Daniel Betts, Thierry Frémont, Raffey Cassidy, Sally Messham, Xavier de Guillebon, Vincent Latorre, Celeste Dodwell, Michael McKell, Phillipe Spall, Raphael Desprez, Éric Théobald, Ami Metcalf, Raphael Acloque, Christian Rubeck, Iain Batchelor, Angelique Joan, Anton Blake, Cecilia Gragnani, Angus Kennedy, Lukas Johne, Hannah Flynn, Jason Matthewson, Vikki Edwards, Emma-Jane Martin, Roman Green, Miroslav Zaruba, Russell Balogh, Tony Paul West, Billy Burke, Claire Richardson, Lasco Atkins, Michael Haydon, Jonathan Cass, Ty Hurley, Shane Griffin, Paul Longley, Richard Hills Jr., Evie Wray, Jason Grangier, Sophie Karl, Peter Meyer, Freddie Stewart, Marinelly Vaslon, Sophie Shad, Sternkiker François, Jake Wyatt, Christopher McMullen, Paul Leon Bridger, John Skerritt, David Bonneville, Laraine Dix, Ben Laumann, Cameron Beames, Saif Lone, Melissa Sirol, Sorcha Garavan, Robert Isaac Harker, Tiar Lounis, Glyn Angell, Tomasz Dabrowski
Genre: Action, War, Drama, Romance, Thriller
Production:Paramount Pictures, GK Films
Keyword :spyworld war iinazisfrenchlovenorth africa1940sfrench woman

2. CHOOSE Allied (2016) Movie

Is she or isn't she? 

Is it a test ?

If she is, will he or won't he?

That's the questions you bring to the movie based on the coming attractions, and it's a long movie to reach the answers.

Along the way we get to experience World War 2, but it's probably one of the least realistic depictions I've ever seen of WW2. I was fascinated by the plethora of automobiles from that era, but otherwise, neither the costumes, makeup, or locations were convincing, nor was the dialogue.

The acting was very British, but for a Canadian and a French woman, perhaps that's not a complement.

All told I was disappointed. The best part of the film is the epilogue. If you've endured the rest of the film, be sure to stray for that. 
In World War 2, allied spies Max and Marianne pose as husband and wife to take down a high-ranking Nazi. Their jobs bring them closer, ultimately causing them to wed. Everything's all well and good until Max is informed his new wife may in fact be a German spy, and he doesn't know who to believe.

Zemeckis is a great director, but his career has had many ups and downs - this, unfortunately, is one of the latter. For me, the trouble was the plot. It starts way too slowly, trying to be mysterious but ending up being boring. By the time the real mystery of the movie kicks in, I'd all but lost interest in what was going on. You're supposed to feel conflicted on Max's behalf - should he trust his wife, or his superior officers? I wasn't gripped enough to feel much more than boredom.

The other key problem is the relationship between Pitt and Cotillard (both brilliant actors). They never really have any chemistry - which is fine when they're just colleagues doing there job, but not when they suddenly have a searing whirlwind romance and fall deeply in love. That I didn't believe, and the rest of the film hinges on their love and Max's internal conflict.

Once it gets going it's pretty intriguing, if you can make it past the first half. There's some wonderful cinematography and production design to keep your eyes slightly entertained, but Allied overall lacks mind and soul, which it really needs for a romance-thriller.

1942. Intelligence agent Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) parachutes into the Moroccan desert, where he's picked up by a wordless driver and taken to Casablanca. There he connects with Marianne Beausejour (Marion Cotillard), a French agent. Together they pose as a married couple – the precursor to a daring assassination attempt on a German ambassador.

Max and Marianne fall for each other, of course, and after the job Max invites her to return with him to London as his wife. Following the Blitz-born birth of their child, the Vatans enjoy an apparently idyllic partnership. But then Vatan's superiors call him in. Questions are raised about Marianne. Is she who she says she is? Could it be that she's telling "a lie"? (Ally, get it?)

Allied isn't a particularly good film. Chief concern is that it is scuppered by a crushing lack of chemistry between its stars. (Goes to show, all the sordid celebrity speculation in the world can't make the magic happen on screen.) I've a feeling the blame rests on the shoulders of Pitt, whose performance here is unusually dull. A flirty Cotillard tries her best to raise him from the dead, to no avail.

But also there is director Robert Zemeckis – such an inventive student of film – who appears to be honing a TV aesthetic here. It worked for Spielberg's Bridge of Spies because that was essentially a chamber piece. But Zemeckis is reaching for grandeur – a feat which should be possible with an $80m-plus budget – without succeeding. Allied has the same hyper-real sheen we saw in his last film, The Walk, whereby everything somehow looks CG even when it isn't.

Structurally, the film has problems. The first half is an outright clunker, with any dramatic tension undermined by the inevitability – the yawning predictability – of the plot shift to come. It's only when the 'twist' (if we can call it that) is finally traversed that the film enters any kind of stride. 

Following the move to Blighty, things fare better. Zemeckis's depiction of period Britain has the generic Little England postcard quality that comes from the outsider's eye, and the co-stars can't quite de-glam sufficiently to make their marriage believable, but writer Steven Knight's plot beats keep the narrative chugging in a workmanlike way.

In the last half hour, the film finally sputters into life like an old RAF propeller, but it's too little too late. The climactic scene – a brilliantly tense exercise in visual storytelling of which Hitchcock would be proud – almost feels like it's been cut in from a different movie.

Handsome and competent and quite boring, Allied doesn't even have the good grace to be enjoyably bad. It wears its okayness with pride: big production values, big names, big talent – but little to remember of it a week after watching. 

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