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Why Him? (2016) Movie Streaming

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Sinopsis :A dad forms a bitter rivalry with his daughter's young rich boyfriend.
Cast: James Franco, Bryan Cranston, Zoey Deutch, Megan Mullally, Griffin Gluck, Keegan-Michael Key, Andrew Rannells, Casey Wilson, Zack Pearlman, Steve Aoki, Adam DeVine
Genre: Comedy
Production:21 Laps Entertainment, Red Hour Films
Keyword :daughterdad

2. CHOOSE Why Him? (2016) Movie

His little girl has a boyfriend and now it's time to meet him. The problem is the father just doesn't seem to like him that much....

Honestly this movie was just a rip off of "Meet The Parents." Bryan Cranton even uses very similar facial expressions that Robert De Deniro used. That's not say that there's no laughs here. There would be 70% of jokes that fail and 30% of jokes that did work. So it's not all bad. It's just a silly, over the top, in the moment, holiday, blockbuster Meet The Parents fun. Most of the humor came from James Franco. Bryan Cranston doesn't seem to do comedies as well as his drama.

Maybe wait until you see it on netflix. It's worth no more than $10.00. Some people may really hate this movie, and some may even love it, but the Autistic Reviewers thought it was decent. We wont see it again, but it wasn't horrible. We give this 5/10. 2/5 stars. 
I saw "Why Him?", starring Zoey Deutch-Dirty Grandpa, Beautiful Creatures; James Franco-The Interview, 127 Hours; Bryan Cranston-The Infiltrator, John Carter; Megan Mullally-Parks and Recreation_tv, Risky Business and Keegan Michael Key-Keanu, Mr 3000.

This is a dumb comedy. And I say dumb because they use contrived or dumb situations to get laughs. Having said that, I still liked it and laughed quite a bit. Zoey is a 20 something year old college girl that wants her parents, Bryan & Megan, to meet her new boyfriend. FYI: If Zoey looks a little familiar, it might be because she looks a lot like her real life mother, Lea Thompson, from the Back to the Future movies. Anyway, James is the boyfriend that is also a 30 something year old Silicon Valley billionaire who made his fortune on creating video games. He is also very straight forward and honest and tends to says things without thinking things through. He also peppers his speech with 'R' rated language all the time. Keegan is James' right hand man that also keeps James on his toes by attacking him at odd times-sort of like Kato did with Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther movies. Of course, Bryan has a strong dislike for James and thinks he is not good enough for his daughter. James uses his money to help get the family members to like him because he wants to marry Zoey but he will not do so without Bryan's permission. Some things are funny-since he is rich, he can afford to have Kaley Cuoco voice his home computer system or have the rock group Kiss show up to perform a personal concert-and some things are just weird, trying to be funny just because they are weird-James has a dead moose mounted on his wall in a glass case and the moose is pickled in it's own urine. It's rated "R" for language and sexual content-including animal nudity- and has a running time of 1 hour & 51 minutes. It has it's ups & downs in the funny department but I enjoyed it enough that I would probably buy it on DVD. 
Possibly more so than any other genre, a solid ensemble cast (as well as the script, of course) is the absolute key to unlocking a decent comedy and unfortunately, the very central piece lets the whole film down: Bryan Cranston is not a leading comic and it very obviously shows. As one of this year's Best Actor nominees, Cranston fails to come across naturally in this lead role, with every joke and riff feeling more like a stiff and laboured effort than an organic energy, as the rest of his cast demonstrate, who are all more typically associated with the genre - and it really rather shows. His lead co-star, Franco, does a far more convincing job and manages to translate what should be an irritating and obnoxious character into a far more likable and funny character than expected. Megan Mullally is also worth a mention; the Parks and Rec star has a rather small role but manages to make quite the impression as Barb, even when the script doesn't quite serve her well enough, including a prolonged scene in which she is determined to have sex with her husband - this same plot was employed with absolutely hilarious results in Parks and Rec (in which she played the outrageous Tammy Two) but it falls completely flat here through no fault of her own. It's another example of a committed performance ploughing against all the odds. Talking of ploughing, the absolute star of this film is the youngest cast member - Griffin Gluck is continually hilarious and awarded the script's biggest laughs, but it is his conviction and joyous performance that secures these laughs, making him the most memorable element of the film, even with the lowest-billing of the main five stars.

FULL REVIEW - http://perksofbeingnath.blogspot.com/2016/12/why-him-2016-review.html 

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