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online Passengers (2016) Full Movie english subtitles

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Sinopsis :A spacecraft traveling to a distant colony planet and transporting thousands of people has a malfunction in its sleep chambers. As a result, two passengers are awakened 90 years early.
Cast: Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Sheen, Laurence Fishburne, Andy García, Aurora Perrineau, Kimberly Battista, Jamie Soricelli, Julee Cerda, Shelby Taylor Mullins, Marie Burke, Kristin Brock, Vince Foster, Kara Flowers, Kevin Tan, Robert Larriviere, Jeff Olsen, Ana Gray, Stephen M. LaBar Jr., Conor Brophy, Kelli Pardo, Barbara Jones, Inder Kumar, Emma Clarke
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Romance, Science Fiction
Production:Columbia Pictures, Village Roadshow Pictures, Original Film, Company Films, Start Motion Pictures, LStar Capital, Wanda Pictures
Keyword :spaceshipspace

2. CHOOSE Passengers (2016) Movie

Having seen him in a few films as well as the TV series "Parks and Recreation" it's obvious to me that Chris Pratt is the "new Clark Gable". He has drop dead good looks, reasonably good acting skills, and can do comedy, drama, and action equally well. We really haven't had anyone with this combination at this level, and it's good to see.

That being said, the current film certainly isn't a test of Pratt's skills, through no fault of his own. The script has few surprises and nothing really to recommend itself. Pratt and Lawrence do the requisite friends -> lovers scenes, but the film tends to be a little boring. That's peculiar because the film's director did "The Imitation Game" (2014) and made a film about discovering computers exciting. The screenwriter, Jon Spaihts, penned the ultra boring "Promotheus" (2012), so perhaps the blame goes to him.

Wait for it on video. It's OK but hardly worth the price of a ticket nowadays 
Trailer looked promising the movie did not turn out to be. Poor excuse for a holiday release. Only good things were the space travel special effects and the android bartender. Movie took way to long to develop. First 30 minutes could have been edited out entirely. Script was lame and the two stars were wasted on a boring plot. I was expecting some kind of a plot twist that never happened. Once you found out what was going on with the ship it was a very routine and predictable story line. Bad script choice by what are normally fine actors. The ending was lame and hard to believe. Not worth your, time pass this one by. One of the worse science fiction movies released in quite some time. 
I've been to 16 movies this fall, and this is my favorite of them. I'm going back in a couple of days to see it in 3D. Completely enjoyable movie - for me so much better than Rogue One. Star Wars is always fun too, but teenagers are the target audience. Passengers is an adult movie, with fabulous sci-fi, tons of action plus a romantic story line. My wife really liked Passengers too, and I often drag her to movies she doesn't like so much. I read several critic reviews in advance, so knew based on that I'd like it. I mean, anything Joe Morgenstern, Christopher Orr and Chris Agar don't like is bound to be entertaining. People go to movies for different reasons. Most of the time I don't want some depressing epic saga. I don't need to be reminded how difficult life can be, but instead want to escape for a couple of hours. Passengers is such a movie. Jennifer Lawrence gave her predictably amazing performance, and Chris Pratt and Michael Sheen were solid too. The special effects were awesome - imaginative, well done and believable. The premise of the movie was believable and human. Thankfully, the theater we saw it in was packed. Not an empty seat. Several people stayed in their seats to watch the credits, and a couple people clapped. Don't believe the naysayers. This movie rocks! 

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