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streaming Incarnate (2016) volledige film ondertiteld in het Nederlands

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Sinopsis :An exorcist comes up against an evil from his past when he uses his skills to enter the mind of a nine year old boy.
Cast: Aaron Eckhart, David Mazouz, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Carice van Houten, Karolina Wydra, Emjay Anthony, Breanne Hill, Emily Jackson, Vera Miao, Matthew Nable, Mark Henry
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Production:Blumhouse Productions, IM Global, WWE Studios
Keyword :wheelchairexorcismexorcistwheelchair bound

2. CHOOSE Incarnate (2016) Movie

I was bored so I went and saw this movie. I'm lucky that I have an unlimited pass for the theater so the quality doesn't matter. But if you are not so fortunate and you have to pay for the ticket then please. Save your time and go to McDonald's instead.

The movie starts with an super cliché intro. During the film they have more cliché dialog. and the worst part was that halfway thru the movie Catalina Sandino Moreno pulls Dr. Ember aside for a personal conversation if he wants go thru with his research cause it seems so dangerous. This stupid conversation lasts 2 lines. I'm sorry but if I wrote the movie she didn't needed him to pull aside for 2 lines of are you sure?

The only positive comment I can make on this movie was this part when he entered the boys mind and the transition was done with no cuts. yet it was kinda stolen of conjuring 2. 

TLDR; It's a movie full of cliché cliffhangers and dialog. Not worth the money. Very badly acted. Just another demon movie with their only help. 
What do you get if you take 'Inception' and 'Constantine' and mash them together into an in-cohesive jumbled mess while removing everything that makes a movie good? Incarnate. 

Other then Aaron Eckhart's acting this movie has no redeemable qualities. There is no real plot, character development, or explanation of events. The entire film is just thrown at you and at no point is it interesting, thought provoking, or scary.

If you really want to see this movie I would recommend waiting for it to come onto Netflix or another streaming service as it is not worth the price of admission. 
This was a bad movie. Not in a sense that the creators failed in achieving what they wanted because they never even tried. This was definitely not a horror nor was this a thriller. I can barely even call it a movie. I don't know exactly what happened but it really felt like nobody in the production team cared about this movie at all. It doesn't even qualify as amateur filmmaking cause I've seen better independent films with even lower budget, hell, I've seen better short films on YouTube. I rarely say this, but everything in this movie was bad. The writing was horrible, the characters were either explaining stuff or saying/doing something completely out of place (and react as well). Even the direction was a failure, you'd think people can at least shoot a car crash in 2016 to make it somewhat believable, but no. The story was such a mess, it had no horror elements or suspense whatsoever. Furthermore, it barely even had any jump-scares, the cheapest gimmick any horror can scare you with. I don't even want to spend more time on writing this review cause the creators obviously did not spend any time on this one. Please, don't watch it, it really is bad. P.S. Aaron Eckhart, the Golden Globe nominee, I can't believe you did this movie, man. 

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Posté le: Mar 27 Déc - 09:17 (2016)
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